Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrate - Illustration Friday Topic

Celebrate - Illustration Friday topic.
Thought I would play around with some clay again :) also bought some coloured foam, corrugated card and other materials the other day. This little green friendly monster was just an offcut shape that occurred by chance, I quite liked it so thought I would include him in my celebration piece.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Time - Illustration Friday

Time - Illustration Friday topic. So many things could be illustrated for this topic.
Time can be good to help organise and plan our lives and at other times it can be bad.
In a way time can be our friend or our enemy. 
I have illustrated a race track, on the left you see people / numbers / creatures enjoying life and the time they have been given to enjoy special events in life such as having a child, getting married, playing with your dog at the park, winning a trophy or a race (I know these are a few of the many things one can celebrate in life). I thought about how important the measurement of time is to olympic athletes.
Then on the other side of the track you see people trying to run back in time away from death and disaster. As you will probably know last Saturday the 7th February in country Victoria, Australia we had our worst ever bushfire disaster. Currently the death toll stands at 181, authorities say that figure could soon rise to 200 or even 300. Apparently up to 1,000,000 wildlife could have been killed too.
It is unbelievably sad and devastating the destruction these fires caused. A lot of innocent, good people lost their lives and they had no chance to react. What's even sadder is that some of these fires were deliberately lit. We hope that if arsonists are to blame that they will be caught quickly and we hope and pray that the victims wounds, nightmares and lives will heal.
If you are in Australia you probably have heard that Coles is donating all profits from groceries bought today.
If you would like to / can donate there are many charities accepting donations.

Fortunately there are a lot of firefighters, defence force, volunteers and every day citizens doing an amazing job. Here is a nice story of a koala that was rescued.
and another nice story of an 18 year old boy who rescued his sister and 8 children on a tractor.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My website is finally finished!!!! Yay!

My illustration website is finally finished! it's a miracle!  You wouldn't believe how unbelievably happy, relieved and satisfied I am to finally have this online! I designed the website myself in Dreamweaver with the 'old school' tables (but it seemed the most simplest and straightforward way to me!), but realized that it wasn't viewing properly in various internet browsers. So my husband read up some forums and learnt how to re-build my site with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Glad I have a technical person in the house :) The image gallery is now very easy to upload my illustrations, delete them and also add captions.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Editorial illustration published! :)

Yay I got one of my illustrations published in Melbourne and Sydney Child magazine. I illustrated the story out of clay :) similarly to my blog banner, it was fun! hopefully i can do some more illustrations like this in the future. Note the red cover is not mine I just put it up to show which magazine issue my illo was published in.

'Flaw' Illustration Friday topic

'Flaw' Illustration Friday topic. "There were no flaws in Molly's marvellous cupcakes!"
This was the topic for 2 Fridays ago. Just finished the colouring tonight. I drew the illustration with an ink nib, then scanned it and coloured it in Corel Painter. Those cupcakes were very time consuming! I used some of Kim's Velvet cupcakes and displays as a reference :)