Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions-Illustration Friday topic

Happy new year folks! hope it's off to a good start :) It has been several months since I have posted an Illustration Friday topic but what better time than at the start of a new year, plus it's a public holiday here today! I pondered for quite some time, brainstormed and also looked at a few people's illustrations for this topic. I liked how some people illustrated just one of their resolutions.

I do like to reflect on the previous year and plan how I can change in small steps and better myself, decide my focus for the new year. I know a lot of people don't like setting them e.g. my husband as they think they are a waste of time. I like to write a list of things I want to try and achieve in the new year. I don't always achieve all of them but I was suprised when changing diaries the other day that most of them I was able to cross off. The ones i didn't cross off I realised weren't that important and they won't be on my list this year!

As I was reflecting I felt somewhat frustrated though that after December we don't have a Blankember month in between the previous year and the start of the next one as we don't really get time to stop and contemplate before BAM the new year has started already!
I guess this piece is about having creativity and lots of ideas, skills and goals but not always knowing what is most important to start on first!

One of my creative goals this year was to write a list of things I personally want to illustrate / paint this year. I feel that this will keep me inspired as an artist. I often put clients and other's work before my own and don't really allow much time to work on personal projects that I enjoy.