Thursday, October 8, 2009


"Ewww, injection boy germs!", this is my memory of germs from school. I grew up in the 80s, so i also had a lot of fun incorporating items from that era. e.g. Adidas sneakers (I had a white pair with blue zig zag stripes), Reebok pumps, roll down socks, massive headbands, Pop Swatches, crimped hair. It was fun reminiscing!
I haven't done an Illustration Friday topic for a while but couldn't get this one out of my head so had to get it down on paper.
I have been doing a variety of things lately: making hundreds of hand made cards using chopped up bits of old artwork (I knew there was a reason i hadn't thrown them away!). I am applying to have my own art / craft stall at a market. First time I have tried this. I have been working on a couple of logos, graphics jobs, and you can see my latest editorial illustration below. I have also decided to give community art teaching a go. The activities I have instructed include wire and bead fairies, rubber band stamps and enchanted fairy / elf illustrations. It is good to get out of the house and into the community (can get a bit quiet working as a freelancer).

20 Questions - artwork for Illustrator's Australia 9x5 exhibition

I created this for Illustrator's Australia 9x5 exhibition. The theme had to be based on '20'.
As stated on the IA website:
"To continue the celebrations of our 20th Anniversary, the 14th annual 9 x 5 exhibition and auction is brought to you by the Number Twenty. - and will take place @Space 39, 39 Little Collins Street Melbourne on October 9".
If you live in Melbourne and can get there have a look.

Latest editorial illustration published

Always like seeing my editorial illustrations published! These were for Child magazine's. They have one in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. These were a lot of fun, they were made using clay, hand painted, then photographed. I deep etched (cut out) in Photoshop and the background shapes and drop shadows were done on the computer too. I am glad I have both traditional and digital skills.